UMMS Match Results & Texas STAR

Students may view 6 years of residency information from this searchable UMMS Match List

What is the Texas STAR Dashboard? This is a nationwide tool administered by the UT Southwestern Medical School to help deans, advisors, and 4th year med students navigate the match process more effectively. The Texas STAR (Seeking Transparency in Application to Residency) Dashboard compiles information regarding career choices, specialty interviews, and residency matches. To learn more, click Texas STAR.

All Branch Advisors, Faculty Career Advisors, House Counselors and students in the current residency application cycle, should automatically have account access to the Texas STAR Dashboard.

Students who are not currently applying to residency, but would like to view the dashboard, contact your Branch Advisor, Faculty Career Advisor, or House Counselor to schedule an appointment to review it together using their accounts.

Please contact if you have questions.